ADSB Links

Nic Storey's site that gave me the idea for this one
Thanks for all your help Nic

ADSB Exchange
A co-op of ADS-B/Mode S/MLAT feeders from around the world
Dan has been kind enough to allow me to use their map

Nikolay Klimchuk's ADSB website
Nikolay was kind enough to help me to set up & collect data for this site

PlanePlotter receives and decodes live digital position reports from aircraft and plots them on a chart

PlanePlotter Forum
come and browse or have a chat

PlanePlotter Tutorials
and Addon's From Nic Storey

A Swedish Spotters site by my friend Henrik

Radar Spotting
Loads of information for plane spotting in the digital age

a network of ADS-B receivers that tracks the military aircraft within Wales
Aircraft Registration Database Lookup

Aviation Links

PlaneBaseNG Aircraft Database, Aircraft Logging and Basestation Database updater
Without PlaneBase the Database could not be kept up to Date on this site.

The Sentry Post Snack Bar
RAF Waddington Aircraft Viewing Enclosure
Go along have a cuppa and a laugh while enjoying your hobby.

DSA Forum
An online forum dedicated to Doncaster Sheffield Robin Hood Airport (DSA/EGCN)
Go along have a cuppa and a laugh while enjoying your hobby.

RAF Coningsby Spotters Group
a place to share your memories and photos from 'Fighter Town UK'
Go along have a cuppa and a laugh while enjoying your hobby.

The 'AirNet' Web Site
The World's most popular dedicated aviation links site

ManTMA Overflights Group
This is is the official website for the Manchester TMA Overflights Group

Home of the Gatwick Aviation Society
Go along have a cuppa and a laugh while enjoying your hobby.

DTV Movements
Aircraft movements and much more for Durham Tees Valley Airport.

Coningsby Aviation Site
Produced by Kevin (Milky) Mape

Scanner Links

UK Radio Scanning Forum
For everything scanning related

Airband Scanning for beginners
from those nice people at Rocket Radio

for airband frequencies and a whole lot more

a lively Yahoo Group for military aviation

Miscellaneous Links

Taylor Made RF Ltd
Official worldwide distributor for Kinetic Avionics Limited

Making an inexpensive 1090MHz ADS-B collinear antenna
Worked for me, YouTube video

ModeS Beast/RadarCape
If you've got the money, can they be beat?

Flying Lessons
Want to learn to fly? This is the place to go first!

Lincolnshire Skoda Owners Club