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Welcome to Donny Radar

With the use of a ModeS receiver and various databases, this site hopes to keep you informed about the aircraft that are flying around the skies of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

While the emphasis will be on military aircraft, you will also be able to see and find information about civilian planes in the area.

This hobby can be started very cheaply, all you need is a PC (or Raspberry Pi), a ModeS receiver and an antenna.

My original receiver and antenna cost me the grand total of £20, although I have upgraded them both. A ModeS receiver can cost from as little as £10 up to many hundreds dependant on how involved you want to get, antenna are the same (there are links to home-made antennae and suppliers on the links page.

The aircraft database is populated with the kind permission of the Admins at PlaneBaseNG the aviation database that I have been waiting for for years!

If you haven't used PlaneBase yet, you can download an introductory document here. If you have any questions or suggestions for the site, please drop me an email.

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Thanks to the people at for all their hard work and for allowing me to use their excellent database to populate the aircraft on this site